Some testimonials

"It was a pleasure working with Sidney and can't wait to work next time with her, you can see that she does her work with passion and she definitely shows quality and good commutation. With good teamwork the concept that Sidney had in mind was beautiful finished. The styling was amazing and she likes to go out of the box with creative idea like putting the models face in pasta and the model was exited to try it out, it was very fun and the pictures came out very fashionable with creativity. She is a strong woman who will achieve a lot and very proud to say that I had the chance to work with her."

Shushanik Musheghyan


"Sidney is a dynamic and creative stylist. Her motivation gives you the energy you need to do a nice work. 

She s focus on the moodboard and she is full of idea to achive the client’s needs."

Ludo Hanton


"Working with Sidney is pure joy! Her natural positive energy makes everyone around her feel comfortable and welcoming. I admire her hard work and her true passion toward the fashion and behind, I feel that she loves all the artistic creations. Not to forget, she is also a team worker, she helps anyone needs some help on the set without any hesitation. It’s very enjoyable to work with her."

Keiko Hamaguchi

Hair & Make up Artist

"Sidney I met her on, of course... a shoot, a few years ago! If I had to "summarize" her: a small nugget full of energy, always boiling projects... 

Since then, projects have come a long way, and it's still a huge pleasure when Sidney offers to participate. 

Her dynamism, creativity and originality make her an indispensable partner in crime!"

Florence Bracaval

Make up Artist

"Sidney is a very friendly and cheerful colleague. It is always a pleasure to work with her. I also love her funky and fresh style in clothing choice. would totally recommend working with her."

Stefani Bangels

Make up Artist

"I had a great experience working with Sidney,
She was very professional, very prepared and very motivated. On set she was a good energy, and very involved in the whole process.
She was very sweet and caring towards the model, I appreciate that a lot. I would definitely recommend working with her" 

Chiara Steemans


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